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Kombucha Variety Pack - 12 Pack

Kombucha Variety Pack - 12 Pack

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Can't decide which flavor to try? No problem, try our best-selling variety pack with all of our delicious kombucha cans!

3 cans of each flavor:

  • Blueberry Ginger
  • Peach, Hibiscus, Lavender
  • Strawberry Guava
  • Prickly Pear & Mango

➢ No Artificial Sweeteners
Only Real Ingredients
➢ Crafted with Love in Atlanta

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Sullivan
Love the Variety Option!

So nice to be able to try all the different flavors. My son likes the strawberry Guava while I am more of a Blueberry type of guy so it works out perfectly!

Brady Golden
Perfect summer drink!

These are so crisp and refreshing. Strawberry guava was definitely my ❤️

Wellness and Goodness in Every Sip!

At Kea Beverages, we think taste and health can share first place.


How can you ship Kea without refrigeration? 

While plotting world domination, we devised a top secret method to ensure that our shipped cans remain stable at room temperature for up to 7 days without ongoing fermentation! However, once you receive your Kea, be sure to keep it refrigerated.

What is kombucha? 

We're so glad you asked! Kombucha is a fermented tea infused with probiotics and organic acids. Our varieties are blended with delightful fruit and botanicals to offer a diverse range of uplifting flavors. Slightly tangy and subtly sweet (but never vinegary!).

We're biased, but we think kombucha is pretty awesome!

What are the ingredients in kombucha?

When it comes to ingredients, we think simple is better!

Kombucha is made of tea, water, sugar, and a culture (a blend of microorganisms responsible for fermentation). At Kea, we combine green and black tea for an extra refreshing taste.

After fermentation, we flavor our booch with fruits and botanicals!

How often should I drink kombucha? 

Kombucha is a dietary staple, not a medication or supplement. Therefore, approach it like any other natural food—consume it to your satisfaction. There's no strict dosage; drink what feels right for you!

And if it makes you feel better, we've been drinking it nonstop for over five years and we haven't turned into a kombucha culture yet.

What are the benefits of kombucha?

At Kea, we always say that the real benefit of kombucha is that it is a dynamic, natural, low sugar alternative to other non-alcoholic beverages.

There is scientific research that suggests that the probiotics and organic acids that can be found in kombucha supports gut health, potentially reducing inflammation and bloating, enhancing immunity, aiding digestion, sustaining energy levels, alleviating stress, promoting healthy skin and nails, and uplifting mood. These are all still to be fully validated!

How much caffeine is in Kea?

While our kombucha is brewed with black and green tea, much of the caffeine dissipates during fermentation.

Kea typically contains kombucha between 5-20mg of caffeine per serving, similar to decaf coffee.

What is unique about your kombucha?

We employ cutting-edge scientific tools to monitor and manage the microorganisms in our kombucha.

By controlling glucose levels, ethanol content, and acid composition, we craft the distinct profile of Kea kombucha. Basically, we accidentally became really good scientists when our original goal was just to make tasty beverages.

I bought a Kea and it tastes different than usual. What should I do?

Since all Kea products are artisanally fermented with small-batch ingredients, some flavor variance is normal.

If you suspect a deviation beyond seasonal or ingredient-related shifts, please contact us at When reaching out, include details such as purchase location, flavor, and the best by date (located at the bottom of the can) for better assistance!

What is Kea's shelf life?

Our products maintain freshness for 6 months from the canning date.