• Sean Keating, Co-Founder

    If you asked Sean as a child what he wanted to do when he grew up, he probably would have told you he wanted to go into advertising. His late mother was a hometown hero within the industry and her passion for storytelling was instilled in him before he was old enough to walk.

    In lieu of becoming an ad man, Sean spent the better half of his life exploring what it means to be a storyteller. From hosting a speakeasy in New York City with six course meals, inspired by the flavors and people around him, to being the personal photographer for an Atlanta mayoral candidate, Sean has always sought the moments that will add up to the fullest life journey.

    So it makes sense that when Sean was feeling stagnant in his prior restaurant job that he would seek out an adventure that would lead to a great story.  Start a restaurant called “ParmaSean” or take his sailing to the next level and become a part-time yacht skipper?

    The answer ended up growing in his backyard (quite literally). Sean was inspired by his plum tree to make plum wine. When friends and family asked for more, he knew he was on to something. Plum wine may not be on the official menu (yet) but beverages did become the greatest story of all.

  • Keaton Hong, C-Founder

    Keaton is Atlanta born and raised. After graduating Highschool from Pace Academy in Atlanta, he attended the University of Georgia where he graduated with a Bachelors in Finance and Accounting.

    By day, Keaton worked for a Big Four Accounting firm where he became a licensed CPA. Needless to say, coffee became a major part of his life. In his spare time, he fell in love with fermentation. Whether it was brewing beer, kombucha, or creating cider with fruits foraged from the surrounding city trees, Keaton seemed to always have a batch of something brewing.

    Keaton sits on the board of the Old Fourth Ward Business Association promoting small businesses and improving the relationships between businesses in the neighborhood.

  • Amber Schreiner, Marketing Director

    Amber is a writer, a seasoned social media strategist, and a passionate catalyst for social progress. During her career, she has worked with Adobe, Sierra Club, Cartoon Network, the International Day of Happiness, TEDxTeen, and several political candidates.

    After two years of freelancing in New York, Amber moved back to the south to start Juniperus, a social strategy agency that specializes in brand storytelling and works primarily with nonprofits and socially conscious companies.

    When asked to come on board as the marketing director for Kea Beverages, she had one rule: community and sustainability should be at the forefront of every decision of the business. The boys were initially skeptical how profits could take a backseat but it eventually became what set them apart from other beverage companies and a kea to their success.